Do you believe?

Another article from the Windsor Star about UFO sightings in Canada. Instead of just posting the link, I am going to go ahead and post the article in it’s entirety and make comments on it in bold.  I will do it this way because the last article I referred to in a post was removed […]

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Aliens in the sky?

Aliens in the sky?

This article from last week was in the Windsor Star.  Over 1100 UFO sightings reported last year in 2013.  What’s really great about this article is the mention on one particular popular report; that “the most common sighting was of an orange star-like shape that lasted an average of 13 minutes.”  If you recall my first post on this blog it describes something very similar and my viewing it was one of the main reasons I decided to keep track of what I see in the sky.  I described it as “an orange dancing fireball in the sky.”  The image I remember was of fire only because it seemed to morph and change shape, like how fire dances.  It had me truly amazed and curious as to what it could possibly be.  Seeing an article of this nature in the Star is a good sign, however lightly they want to take on the subject.

Can’t wait for the Spring/Summer here at the new house.  So far we’ve had a Snowy Owl visit us a couple times and the hawks and vultures are always around.  But the night sky shines so brightly here.  Not as much as if we were in deep country, but the open fields make for a beautiful show.  The moon captivates me as I watch it rise and hang over the house each night, no longer hiding behind wires and big Maple trees, inviting me outside.  Soon moon, soon we shall dance.

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Too cold for comfort.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Being absent here for so long I can only make excuses.  The weather turned frigid and I lost my will to hang about outside and just be.  That may play a part, but I do have a past filled with beginnings never seen thru.  I get excited […]

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Raw Security Footage – Orb Sighting October 12 2013

This orb was captured a second time on a security camera in  SE Michigan on what I believe to be private property. It’s interesting to watch and I’m curious what it would look like to the naked eye. It reminds me in a way of the fireball I saw at the end of the summer. What I saw seemed to stay in place though but it also changed and morphed like nothing I have ever seen before. You can watch the first sighting here:

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What is Time?

Not something I have much of lately.  Just to relax and enjoy my surroundings.  I’m constantly on the go, feeding, changing, packing, driving, preparing, cleaning, teaching, planning, working, playing, comforting, nursing; the list goes on.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy most of these, especially when I see the smile from my children and hear […]

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